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Named after my sweet Nana, Blanche. An amazing woman, wife, mother, hellooooo!!!!and grandmother who actually did NOT like traditional novelty ice cream trucks because of their music (and the fact she’d have to spend money on 7 damn kids!).

I give you my humble representation of your classic ice cream truck reimagined. She is the most aesthetically pleasing gourmet ice cream truck designed to seamlessly fit into any event type all while providing a sprinkle of nostalgia. 

We’ve thrown out those pre-packaged treats and proudly serve you Richardson’s hard serve ice cream, whipping up homemade waffle cones, tacos and ice cream sandwiches while providing unique toppings such as candied bacon and homemade brownies!

Next truck is for Grampy!

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Ice Cream

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Hi, I'm Kate

Meet The Owner

What started as a humble idea has become my reality. After feeling lost in the corporate day-to-day but still craving connection with others (amidst a global pandemic) an idea was born. 10 years after spending a majority of my youth working in an ice cream store I thought, why isn’t there a hard serve ice cream store on wheels? Well, with enough passion and purpose Blanche’s was born. 

I want to thank my parents, my twin sister, and my boyfriend for pushing me beyond my wildest expectations, believing in me, this crazy idea, and of course their undeniable support physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am so glad I made the decision to live MY LIFE for ME and do something that truly makes me happy as well as others. 

I hope my actions speak volumes to others in the same boat and I want others to know that their passions are valuable and should be taken seriously. 

Don’t give up, pursue the unexpected, and do not fear change.

xo, Kate



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